I have been busy working.

So after last week hiatus, I have been getting back to pounding on my website.  I have a lot of work to do, to get the programming right and get all the script to work.  I also have to edit some video and do some animations.  I really want this part to be over, I am kinda tired of working on the site, but want to make sure something looks good as well as works good as well. 

It’s a lot of stuff.  So I was thinking today about doing the things that I like to do and not doing the things I don’t like to do.  I guess if we have a goal, we still work to finishing it.  It’s not a time to stop yet, but a time to keep on trekking through and at least finishing parts.  I always feel like I am doing everything all the time.  I wish I could just focus on one thing, but there are to many things to do.  It like I am running an operating my own studio that does everything.  I would like to get back to directing again.  I miss it and would like to work with actors that I love. 

Thant’s just what is on my mind today.

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