In Memory of Michael. And a Reflection of the last couple of weeks.

Miss you Michael
Miss you Michael

It is hard to imagine, but a legend is gone.  I guess in every one’s special way they have a connection to Michael Jackson or one of his songs.  I was able to watch the memorial this week and it was nice.  This is what brings me back to my connection.  After watching the memorial on CNN, my favorite song came on which is PYT.  It was great.  I also went rollerskating and PYT also played again.  It was a really rad feeling. 

Micheal led an interesting life since he was a child and endured it with much scrutiny.  He tried to make the best out of what he could.  He was a genius,  he created the moonwalk, Thriller, and so much more.  He also seemed to cross boundaries for his music.  I think in part by Michael himself being a freak and a unique creature of God. He changed his appearance or the disease, but for what ever matter, doing these things made him one to be talked about.  I remember the interviews, the Neverland Ranch, the chimp and the trial. 

Whether or not, he was proven to be innocent.  I really liked that part in the memorial service, where the congress woman came out and spoke.  It really sad that there is still so much greed going on over Michael’s death.  I think most of all Michael wanted to be loved and appreciated.  I could only image what was going on throughout his head these last couple off weeks before his and death and on the day of. Was it an addiction to pain medication, was it his inner torment?  He seems pretty blessed to have some wonderful children and I hope they succeed and try to help make the world a better place. 

So Michael where ever you are, thank you for being a great entertainment and philanthropist.  I will never forget you.  You have touched so many people and changed the face of what music videos and filmmaking is today.  You were a great teacher.  Thank you for the countless time I sang in the car with you or dance at home while playing your music on my radio.  Or even when I did the Moonwalk and got up on my toes like you do.  You are a real experience and you will live on.

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