Not Really Sure What to Do Anymore.

So it’s around 5am this morning and my birthday is Thursday.  Wow I’m so excited.  Well not really.  I pretty much felt like I did last year and around this time and now I have less of a desire to keep moving forward.  Maybe I could just be in a rut or perhaps not, but I’m scared and not willing to try anymore to look for work.  Maybe I should seek some counseling or better yet just give up all together.  I’ve tried to stay positive, but I realize that I am who I am and nothing can change that.  No matter how hard I try or try to convince myself that things will work out in the end, I am starting to believe that the path that I have chosen is not in my destiny and I feel like a wandering soul.  I’ve always wanted to identify with something greater or a group/job and people whom share similar values, but no matter how hard I try, no one seems to want me.  It’s like I’m reliving my youth and I see the same patterns reoccurring.

On a lighter side, I’m finishing up with my Project Management Class tonight.

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